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In an industry where most company names contain words such as: Adventure, Challenge or Experiential, the name Leahy & Associates, Inc. might sound more like a brokerage firm and not an experience-based training and development company.

At Leahy & Associates, Inc., we help manage investments of a different kind; your challenge course facility and your staff. We are invested in the development and growth of your program.

The work we do is rooted in Experiential Education; learning by doing. Whether we're training facilitators, installing a challenge course, climbing wall, zipline or hosting our annual UnConference, our work is based upon the belief that experience is the best teacher.

Our training workshops place facilitators in the role of learner. The Facilitated Build© process puts installation tools and materials in the hands of our customers. Finally, our UnConference, through the dynamics of Open Space Technology, places the responsibility for learning and the power of choice with each participant.

Please explore our site to learn more about our products and services and how we might support you and your program in much the same way you hope to empower and impact the people you work with.

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