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The job of managing a program is demanding, full of complexity and all too often, not given the attention it needs. Facilitators typically end up in the role of manager by default and are left to their own devices to run what quickly becomes a small business.

The Challenge Course Manager©

Operational Systems and Management Advice for the
Challenge Course / Zip Line / Canopy Tour / Adventure Park Manager

The Challenge Course Manager© workshop is one of the oldest offerings of its type in the industry. While there have been numerous challenge course manager workshops created since the implementation of certification requirements, this workshop dates back to 1995!

The Challenge Course Manager© workshop will help you understand the big picture, provide simple solutions to the challenges you may face and facilitate connections with your peers. While a significant focus of the workshop will be meeting the requirements for certification, this workshop covers material well beyond what is required to satisfy certification standards.

This workshop is a 40-hour "get down to business" intensive. As a participant, you will leave the workshop with: (1) ideas, tools and practical skills that will immediately impact the safety and professionalism of your program; (2) documents that you can feel free to adapt to you own programs and (3) new friends that you can call for ideas and support.

The Challenge Course Manager© will help you choose a path for your program and provide some very valuable tools to help you on your journey.

Tom Leahy has 20+ years challenge course management experience and 35+ years of facilitation experience!

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Navigate ACCT standards and use them to guide program operation and staff development.
  • Develop a basic program vision, program, philosophy and ethics.
  • Create a general outline for managing the physical plant and equipment of the program.
  • Understand areas of responsibility for the operational and financial administration of the program.
  • Implement a basic plan for the training and supervision of staff.
  • Create recordkeeping documents to simply manage the program.
  • Develop a basic emergency response plan.
  • Develop local operating procedures
  • Seek additional training and support for the continued development of program goals.

Please join us for a workshop that will change the course of your program and prepare you for testing for the Course Manager Certification.

40 Hours
Trainer: Tom Leahy
Workshop Fee: $695 (does not include meals or lodging)
Early Bird: $625 (with 30-day advanced purchase)

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